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GamerCal – Free Video Gaming Calendar

Track events across your favorite video games


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How it works

Never miss an advantage! GamerCal will notify you when limited time offers, sales, in-game events, server maintenance, and more are occurring across all of your favorite video games.


Pick your favorite mobile, PC and console games to start tracking all the events you care about.

Select when you want to be notified, and GamerCal does the rest – for free!


In-Game Events

Track hundreds of limited time events across all your favorite games and know that you’ll never miss one again.

Daily View

Quickly see all your different game’s events for the day in a customizable and easy to read way.

Limited-Time Offers

Frequent buyer of in-game goodies? Never miss a limited in-game purchase discount again!


GamerCal automatically adjusts event times and notifications to your geographic location. No more pesky research needed to figure out when your events actually start!


“Mobile Gaming taken to new heights.”

by DragonSlayer24/7

“No longer missing sales and events when they go on across so many different mobile games. Wonder Tactics and more. Life saver! Game changer! Thank you thank you thank you.”

“Finally! So helpful.”

by Ilyssakr

“I didn’t know how much I needed this until my friend suggested I check it out because I was always missing events in Marvel Conquest of Champions and Super Mario Run! Alert system is awesome and its great that it converts all the events to wherever I am. I flew to New York City and it automatically adjusted everything! Now I literally slay.”

“Game Changer.”

by Shaperrrtt

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I kept missing events and sales in Wonder Tactics, PokemonGo, and Clash Royale. With this app I can make sure to get reminders for everything I need. Very excited to see where this goes! GamerCal rules.”


What games can I track?

Here are just some of the games you can track now:

– Destiny 2

– World of Warcraft

– PokemonGo

– Summoners War

– Marvel Contest of Champions

– Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

– Super Mario Run

– Clash Royal

– Mobius Final Fantasy

– Kingdom Hearts Unchained

– Battle Camp

– Wonder Tactics

– Puzzles and Dragons

– Brave Frontier

– Zenonia S

– KingsRoad

– Seven Knights

– Unison League

– Kritika: The White Knights

– Devilian

– Golf Star

– Dragon Soul

– League of Angels – Fire Raiders

– DomiNations

– DOT Arena

I'm a mobile game developer. Can you add my game?

Maybe. If you want to talk, send us an email – contact@gamercal.com

I want you to add a game!

Well… What you can do is take a screenshot of the game, upload it to Instagram, tag our account (@gamercal) – if the pic gets enough likes, we just might add the game you want.

Can I track PC and console game events?

No, not for the moment. However, feel free to ask us to add specific games via social media. Who knows, we might listen.


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